Getting to your destination can often be the most expensive part of a journey. Whether you're flying or traveling over land and sea we can help.

Tips On Flying

On average, domestic airfare is at its lowest price about two months prior to your desired departure and three to four months if you are traveling abroad. However, the lowest price window can depend a lot on the trip you are taking. For instance, if you are traveling to a popular destination during its peak tourism season it would be wise to book even sooner. Likewise, if you are traveling to hard-to-reach locations with small airports and little to no airline competition, prices will not fluctuate much.

Keeping the destination and time popularity in mind, according to a recent Cheapair study, below are the best times to book:

  • Domestic - 54 days in advance
  • Domestic holiday travel - 5 months before Thanksgiving and 6 months before Christmas
  • South Pacific - 70 days in advance; Africa - 166 days; Mexico - 89 days; Europe - 151 days; Asia - 129 day; and the Caribbean - 101 days.

Further things you can do to help reduce your airfare costs are:

  • Search for fares on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. Prices tend to be high on Mondays when most people are planning business travel and even higher towards the end of the week and especially weekends when people have more free time on their hands to search for flights.
  • Shoot for traveling to destinations during their off-season.
  • Consider alternative airports near your desired destination.
  • If flying into one airport and out of another, try reversing your itinerary.
  • Consider budget, domestic airlines for flights within countries.
  • Price vs Convenience: look at unconventional times (the red eye flight).
  • Be flexible with your dates. Consider departing and returning mid-week vs the weekend.
  • Search for two one-way flights on different airlines instead of one round-trip flight.  
  • Remember, it's better to buy too early than too late.


Here are some of our favorite sites to help you get to your next destination.


Rome 2 Rio

When trying to decide the best route to any destination we highly recommend using Rome 2 Rio to discover all of your options. You'll find price and time estimates for plane, train, taxi, coach and even ferry routes.

By Air

Airfare Watchdog

Best for airfare alerts. Create your preferred route then add it to your watch-list.


Great for searching budget airlines other sites often disregard.

Google Flights

Cross-check your preferred routes and compare alternate dates with its interactive pricing graph.


Best for when travel & layover time outweigh costs. Sort by Agony to display the best itineraries on its eye-catching results page.


A popular search engine and very user friendly. It should be one of your first stops every time you research fares.

Kayak Explore

Select your home city and use an interactive map to see where you can fly for how much.


Compare the best airfare from hundreds of travel sites then utilize the Price Calendar to see if altering your travel dates can save you more.


Airline seating plans to help you find the best seat and those you should try to avoid.


The best low-cost airfare search engine for flying within Europe.


Soaring in popularity for good reason. Type "Everywhere" in the destination to find out where it’s cheapest to travel to as well as when it’s cheapest to go.


My Travel Arsenal Editors' Choice for cheap airfare. It posts low fares made in error that only last a limited time before being fixed.


Excellent search engine specializing in cheap international flights.

By Rail

Train travel is not only budget-friendly, but it can provide a scenic route along the way (think New York to Vermont during peak foliage season or passing through Tuscany on the way to Venice from Rome!). Additionally, train travel often provides more flexibility if you miss your departure, offers more space for yourself and your luggage, has less stressful boarding procedures, is more environmentally friendly and usually has a bar car and sometimes even free Wi-Fi.

The U.S. nationwide service has seen a rise in popularity (particularly in the Northeast). Discounts for children, seniors and members of the military.

This London-based booking site works directly with national train operators across Europe to provide a quick and easy ticket purchasing experience. 

The leading distributor of European train tickets and rail passes in the U.S. 

The only guide you'll need for European train travel and the rest of the world.

By Car


One of the largest car rental companies in the world; covering Europe, Asia, Africa, North/South America and Australia.


Make a free car rental reservation (even on other sites) then sign up with Autoslash to receive coupons to cut the cost and automatically rebook.


In addition to being a great search engine for flights, Kayak can often find you low priced car rentals.


Download the Uber app to your smartphone and request a driver to take you anywhere you want at rates often less than a taxi. Track their location with GPS or just wait for the automated text when they arrive. It's cashless and convenient. 


Compares car rental prices from over a dozen suppliers. You don’t need a credit card to hold a reservation and you can cancel anytime.

Want to save more money on your next car rental? Remember these money-saving tips:

  • Deny their insurance and book with a credit card that offers supplemental insurance as a perk.
  • Deny their GPS and use your own or smartphone instead.
  • Avoid airport pick-up if possible.
  • Avoid drop-off in a different country.
  • Be sure to return it with a full tank of gas.

By Coach


Low-cost express bus service operated by Greyhound in the northeast and western United States offering guaranteed reserved seating, Wi-Fi and even $1 fares.


Considered upscale compared to other bus-lines, this British born coach service operates in over 50 cities in the U.S. and Canada as well as the UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany.